Executive Committee

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Aug 312022

Society President

Prof. Wm Wren Stine
Chair, Department of Psychology
Program in Neuroscience & Behavior
McConnell Hall
University of New Hampshire
Durham, NH  03824
email: bill.stine@unh.edu

Society Vice President

Yaniv Mama, Ph.D.
Chair, Departmaent of Psychology
Head of the Neuro-Cognitive Lab.
Ariel University
Ariel, Israel

email: yanivma@ariel.ac.il

Society Secretary

Kazuo Ueda
Department of Acoustic Design
Kyushu University
email: ueda@design.kyushu-u.ac.jp

Society Treasurer

Prof. Wolfgang Ellermeier
Applied Cognitive Psychology
Technical University of Darmstadt
Email: ellermeier@psychologie.tu-darmstadt.de

Non-Executive Scientific Communication Officer

Natalia Postnova
Department of Human Science,
Kyushu University

Former executive committees

2019-22Kazuo Ueda, Leah Fostick, Jordan Schoenherr, Wolfgang Ellermeier, Natalia Postnova
2018-19Bruce Schneider, Kazuo Ueda, Leah Fostick, Jordan Schoenherr, Wolfgang Ellermeier, Sophia Arndt
2017-18John Monahan, Friedrich Müller, Wolfgan Ellermeier, Timonthy Hubbard
2015-16John Monahan, Friedrich Mueller, Timonthy Hubbard, Wolfgang Ellermeier
2013-14Martha Teghtsoonian, Rosana Tristao, Wolfgang Ellermeier, Elisabeth Borg
2011-12Thomas Lachmann, Ana Garriga-Trillo, William Petrusic, Elisabeth Borg, Mark Elliott, Michael Heidelberger
2009-11Thomas Lachmann, Ana Garriga-Trillo, William Petrusic, Shuji Mori, Mark Elliott, Michael Heidelberger
2008-09Jiri Wackermann, Cees Van Leeuwen, William Petrusic, Shuji Mori, Mark Elliott, Michael Heidelberger
2007-08Diana Kornbrot, Cees Van Leeuwen, William Petrusic, Jiri Wackermann, Bruce Schneider, Maralyn Schneider

Diana Kornbrot, Alexander Sokolov, William Petrusics, Ehtibar Dzhafarov, Shuji Mori


Lawrence Ward, Alexander Sokolov, Galina Paramei, Ehtibar Dzhafarov, Diana Kornbrot, Mark Elliott


Mark Elliott, Lawrence Ward, Galina Paramei, Lucia Regolin, John Monahan, Jim Townsend


Steven Link, Lucia Regolin, Mark Elliott, Galina Paramei, Armando Luis Dinis Monica de Oliveira


Steven Link, Galina Paramei, Wolfgang Ellermeier, Simon Grondin, Birgitta Berglund, Douglas Vickers


Wolfgang Ellermeier, Simon Grondin, José Aparacido Da Silva, Douglas Vickers, Debra Zellner


Gert Haubensak, Sandy MacRae, Erdmute Sommerfeld, Douglas Vickers, Debra Zellner


Claude Bonnet, George Gescheider, Gert Haubensak, Sandy MacRae, Martha Teghtsoonian


George Gescheider, Peter Killeen, Greg Neely, Marina Pavlova, Martha Teghtsoonian


Danny Algom, Simon Grondin, Yves Lacouture, Greg Lockhead, Greg Neely, Marina Pavlova


Daniel Algom, Loriane Allen, Anna Pries, Gregory Lockhead, Lawrence Marks


Birgitta Berglund, Loriane Allen, Sergio Masin, Scott Parker, Lawrence Marks


Birgitta Berglund, Ana Garriga-Trillo, Friedrich Müller, Scott Parker, Bertram Scharf


Birgitta Berglund, Ana Garriga-Trillo, Friedrich Müller, Scott Parker, Lawrence Ward


Birgitta Berglund, Ana Garriga-Trillo, Scott Parker, Helen Ross, Lawrence Ward


Birgitta Berglund, Gunnar Borg, Scott Parker, Helen Ross, Lawrence Ward


Gunnar Borg, Gregory Lockhead, Friedrich Müller, Helen Ross, Robert Teghtsoonian, Lawrence Ward


Gunnar Borg, Helen Ross, Robert Teghtsoonian, Lawrence Ward


Gunnar Borg, Camille-Aimé Possamaï, Bertram Scharf, Robert Teghtsoonian


Georges Canevet, Anne-Marie Bonnel, Camille-Aimé Possamaï, Bertram Scharf

Foundation of the society in Marseille, 1985

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Sep 012014

The first document of Fechner Day 1985, provided by Simon Grondin.


May 302014

letterispThe Membership; ISP:

As the oldest member (I conjecture), and least likely to be refused a hearing if only because of age, I tender the following suggestions to the ISP membership and its leadership for their deliberate consideration.

We are, in fact, slightly too small to constitute a viable source of publically recognized science. Our publications are large but their distribution is limited to redirecting our contributions to secondary publication, after our own commitment to the vitality of our work. The way to overcome this limit is twofold; 1) increase by a significant amount our yearly dues (nasty idea, just ask Mimi T) or take commercial advantage of an increase in membership by say a factor of three; from the current ± 300 to ± 1,000.

Are we justifiably proud of a scientific tradition over 160 years old; but we should not be too proud to invite new members, and so generate new fellows by personally inviting those we respect in their own disciplines to join us.

Ah! Disciplines; who are we? I say we are those who engage in a form of psychological science that renounces textbook categories of e.g., learning, perception, motivation, and the like, in support of a science that employs model building, experimentation, and the estimation of parametric values of the controlling variables of human nature. In this mode we are not alone in the exploration of mind. At least two other psychological disciplines use similar methods: Psychometrics, and Psychobiology.

A new construction; ISPPP, note the added P’s justify adding perhaps 300 members a year for the next 2 years that would bring us up to strength, and enable the full-time employment of a membership and meeting organization manager on a full time basis. She/he would be responsible for the three ISPPP discipline yearly publications, organization of meeting locations, negotiations for space and collaboration with local meeting groups.

I hear it now, “This will dilute our contributions and collaborations”…not so. The meetings would continue as they have, and we would expect all of the members to attend all of the presentations; in this way broadening our own exposure to topics intrinsically related to our own enterprises. After all the new members are drawn in by the existing membership, and I would suggest, the average IQ of ISPPP would not decrease. We already have members acquainted with or engaged in research of the sorts such new members would add. Remember we would be able disburse a yearly expenditure of ± $100,000.

Hi ho and away!





Eugene Galanter.

Become a member

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Jan 252007

Welcome! Become a member of the International Society of Psychophysics and expand your network to a lively community of psychophysics.  Continue reading »

Minutes 1999

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Jan 252007

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the ISP

Tempe AZ USA October 21-24. 1999.

Item 1 Approval of the minutes from 1998 .

The business report from the previous ISP meeting in 1998 was unanimously accepted.

Item 2. Report from Fechner Day 99

This year Fechner Day was held in Tempe, AZ and was organized by Peter Killeen and William Uttal. The conference had 83 registered participants (72 paying full fees). With a total budget of just under $20,000, the conference appears to be running a slight surplus at the time of this report.

Item 3. Treasurer’s Report

The current financial status of the Society is as follows:

1000 USD in Boston with Bert Scharf

6240.70 CAD in Vancouver with Lawrence Ward

358.22 USD in Tempe with Peter Killeen (conference surplus).

2800 USD in Tempe with Peter Killeen (ISP dues paid during 1999)

Item 4. Future Meetings


Fechner Day 2000 will be held in Strasbourg, France, Aug. 31st through Sept. 5th under the organization of Claude Bonnet.

Fechner Day 2001 will be held in coordination with the local Fechner Society and the German Society of Psychology (Division of History and Method) in Leipzig, commemorating the 200th anniversary of Fechner’s birth. Dates for the meeting (including both the ISP meeting and the Fechner Society’s program) are set for Oct. 20th through the 24th, 2001.

Rio was nominated as the site of Fechner Day 2002; this motion was accepted popular vote.

Several sites were discussed for Fechner Day 2003 including Boston, Russia, and Cyprus. An informal, non-binding poll of the business meeting attendees showed a preference for Cyprus. Birgitta Berglund (Sweden) has been given the responsibility of making a formal proposal.

Item 5. Financial Support

Marina Pavlova, Greg Neely and Bert Scharf have been given the assignment to continue the Society’s efforts to find funding for East European participants to the Fechner Day meetings.

Item 6. Election of Executive Committee

Greg Neely and Marina Pavlova have, with this meeting, completed their two-year mandates on the executive committee. Gert Haubensak (Germany) and Alexander MacRae (England) who were elected by popular vote will replace them. As per the Society’s by-laws, Claude Bonnet will also serve in the Executive Committee as the organizer of the next Fechner Day. The EC Chairperson thanked Greg and Marina for there service on behalf of the ISP.
Additional business and close
There being no other business for us to consider, the meeting was closed.

Minutes 2000

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Jan 252007

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the ISP

Strasbourg France, August 31st -September 21st 2000. Submitted by Claude Bonnet.


Item1. Approval of the 1999 minutes

The report from the business meeting in 1999 in Tempe was unanimously approved.

Item 2. Elections to the Executive Committee

Martha Teghtsoonian and George Gescheider had completed their two-year terms on the committee and at the end of the meeting were thanked for the work they have done on our behalf.  Debra Zellner (USA) and Douglas Vickers (Australia) were the only nominees and were elected by acclamation.  Erdmute Sommerfeld, as organiser of Fechner Day 2001, will also serve on the committee.

Item 3. Fechner Day, :Leipzig, 19-23 October 2001

Erdmute Sommerfeld outlined plans for the meeting which will celebrate the 200th birthday of G. T. Fechner.  The ISP scientific meeting will be preceded by special lectures in his honour,.arranged by the Fechner Society.

Item 4. Fechner Day 2002

The invitation to Brazil is confirmed but the location has not yet been finalized.  There was general agreement that August would be preferable to October to make it easier to plan a long visit.

Item 5. Fechner Day 2003

Cyprus and Boston have been proposed.  On a show of hands there was overwhelming preference for Cyprus.

Item 6. ISP Groundrules for Fechner Day Meetings

Helen Ross was thanked for preparing a working paper with proposals for the conduct of ISP meetings. (See the ISP web site,  http://www.psy.ulaval.ca/~ispp/ )  The proposals were generally welcomed but it was agreed that there should not be a limit on the number of people attending or on the number of posters.  It was thought desirable to have posters on display throughout the meeting, with timetabled sessions at which their authors would be available to discuss them.  There was support for limiting the number of theme sessions to four in three days and it was agreed that sessions should not be very long or have large numbers of speakers.

Item 7. Travel support for professional colleagues from eastern Europe

Marina Pavlova spoke to proposals prepared by herself, Greg Neely and Bert Scharf that the society should allocate funds from its reserves to assist professionals who have limited access to travel funds to attend our meetings.  She explained the great difficulty that colleagues in eastern Europe have in obtaining funds for travel to our meetings and of the great benefit they derive from them when it is possible to attend.  There was considerable sympathy for the difficulties described but the meeting agreed that the first claim on any surplus should be to bring students to the meetings.  The reserves need to maintained at a level that provides protection against an unpredictable shortfall in the finances of future meetings and it was agreed that they should not intentionally be allowed to fall below $8000US. (They are currently around $9000US.)  Local organisers should seek funding on a meeting-by-meeting basis to support colleagues from regions with poor access to travel funds, and many meeting organisers have been successful in doing so.  It was agreed that if, at any future time, sufficient ISP funds were to be available to support professional colleagues (after funding student travel) any procedure for allocation should be an open one, with a date being publicised by which applications should be made.  It was agreed that any decisions about such procedure and about allocations of funds should be made by the management committee at the relevent time.
Item 8. ISP Dues

It was agreed that in future, ISP dues should cover a period from 1 July to 30 June.  As a result, dues paid when attending an autumn meeting will, for instance, confer eligibility to nominate or second candidates for the management committee up to the following June.  Members were reminded that to remain a member in good standing, dues should be paid each year, even if the meeting is not attended

It was agreed that the dues for 2001-2002 would be $50US with an invitation to make an additional voluntary donation to support attendance at the meeting by disadvantaged professionals.

Minutes 2001

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Jan 252007

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the ISP

Leipzig Germany October 20-23. 2001. Submitted by Simon Grondin.

Item1. Minutes

The report from the business meeting in 2000 in Strasbourg was unanimously approved.

Item 2. ISP Web Site

Doug Vickers reported that the website has been transferred to Adelaide and would be hosted there for several years.   The intention is to bring it up to date and maintain on it an archive of past decisions of business meetings.  Members are invited to send him suggestions for it by e-mail.
Adelaide will also set up and maintain integrated mailing lists for members to distribute information to each other.

Item 3. Finances

The sudden illness of the treasurer, Debra Zellner, that prevented her attending Fechner Day meant that no report was available, but it is understood that there has been no significant change in the satisfactory state of the society’s finances.  Thomas Lachmann reported that the Leipzig meeting has resulted in a surplus of about $850 US.  The meeting received financial support from the State of Saxony and $455 US donations from 14 members, which resulted in subsidised  registration fees to all participant and full support for the attendance of 15 participants from eastern Europe and 4 students.  Marina Pavlova particularly congratulated the organisers on their outstanding success in finding sponsorship for eastern colleagues.

It was agreed that all non-student participants attending future Fechner Days should pay ISP dues as a condition of registration.

It was agreed that students should be eligible for full membership of the ISP for a much reduced fee, the details to be considered by the Executive Committee.

It was agreed that next year’s dues should remain the same as this year ($50 US).

It was agreed that efforts should be made to have the ISP finances integrated into a single, permanent bank account that would be separate from the account used by the organisers of a meeting and would be operated by whichever members of each Executive Committee were given charge of it from time to time.

Item 4. Elections to the Executive Committee

Gert Haubensak and Sandy MacRae had completed their two-year terms on the committee. Wolfgang Ellermeier (Germany) and Simon Grondin (Canada) were the only nominees and were elected by acclamation.  José Aparecido da Silva, as organiser of Fechner Day 2002, will also serve on the committee.

Item 5. Future Meetings

José Aparecido da Silva outlined plans for the 2002 meeting in Rio de Janeiro, where a temperature around 26?C can be expected in October.

Birgitta Berglund has agreed to organise the 2003 meeting in Cyprus, but she was not present and no further details are yet available.

Lawrence Ward is willing to organise the 2004 meeting in Vancouver but is not especially anxious to do so.  He noted that although Vancouver is seen as an attractive location it can also be considered remote and there were only 50 registrations for the previous Fechner Day there.

There is a possibility that Armando de Oliveira may be able to organise the 2004 meeting in Coimbra (Portugal) and it was agreed to make that the first choice if it is possible, with Vancouver remaining an option if it is not.

Douglas Vickers is willing to arrange a meeting in Australia, but not later than 2005, and Mary Florentine said that a meeting in Boston is a possibility for the future but not for the near future.

A plea by Claude Bonnet that meetings should always include a session on Applied Psychophysics was agreed, though it was recognised that the details of each meeting are the responsibility of the organiser.

Item 6. Proceedings

At the suggestion of Raul Kompass, it was agreed to ask the Executive Committee to report to the next Business Meeting on the implications of (a) having Fechner Day Proceedings included in the Science Citation Index and (b) of having an ISBN number allocated to the Proceedings.

Minutes 2002

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Jan 252007

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the ISP

Rio de Janeiro Brazil October 22-26. 2002. Submitted by Douglas Vickers.

Before opening the official business meetig, the ISP president expressed congratulations and appreciation to José Aparecido da Silva and the organizing committee.

Item1. Minutes

The minutes of the 2001 meeting in Leipzig were approved (Proposed : Bill Petrusic; Seconded : Steve Link; Agreed nem con)

Item 2. Finances

A report (Attachment 2) was presented by Lawrence Marks on behalf of the treasurer, Debra Zellner. The possibility that the treasurer would not be a regular member of the executive committee, and would have a longer term, was discussed, but no motion was voted.

Item 3. Elections

Marina Pavlova mentioned that she received no email message this year regarding the nomination of new members on the executive committee. There were three nominations (Galina Paramei, Steve Link and Scott Parker) and two positions to fill. No new nominations were presented at the meeting itself. The voting was: Galina Paramei 19; Steve Link 24; Scott Parker 14. (At a subsequent meeting of the executive committee, it was agreed that Steve Link should be the new president of the ISP and Galina Paramei the new treasurer.)

Item 4. Future meetings

Elisabeth Borg provided information concerning the 2003 meeting to be held in a hotel in Cyprus (Greece) in October. Armando Monica de Oliveira confirmed that he will organize the 2004 meeting on campus at Universidade de Coimbra (Portugal) in October. Doug Vickers confirmed that he still considers preparing the 2005 meeting in Australia; Bruce Schneider mentioned that it might be difficult for most members to make the long trip to Australia in October and proposed to hold the meeting in August. Doug Vickers said that an August meeting would coincide well with the break between semesters at the University of Adelaide. This would also mean that the meeting could make use of university facilities and college lodgings. A more detailed proposal will be presented to the 2003 meeting in Cyprus.

Item 5. ISP Website

The ISP has had problems over the years in developing a Website and maintaining it up to date. Members were asked if they would agree to take the responsibility of the Web page. Simon Grondin and Yves Lacouture offered to take charge of the Website, and to make an effort to update and centralize an electronic mailing list. There will be money offered by the ISP for the development of the page, but the amount remains to be discussed by members of the Executive Committee.

Item 6. Annual Fees and Meeting Registration

It was agreed to send the Annual Fees ($50.) directly to the treasurer. Increasing fees was considered but members agreed that any increase should be in the registration to the meeting. Those paying Annual Fees receive the Proceedings even if they do not attend the meeting. Efforts should be made to remind members more than once a year to pay the Annual Fees. It was agreed that the Meeting Registration costs should be determined by the organizers and paid to them.

Item 7. Inclusion of papers in the Proceedings

Increasing the number of papers in the Proceedings is costly. For this reason, the following motion was passed (proposed by Bruce Schneider and adopted nem con): At the moment of printing the Proceedings, the registration costs and the annual membership fee for the current year must both have been paid. Otherwise, the text of the non-registered member will not be included in the Proceedings.

Item 8. Additional copies of Proceedings

It was agreed that, if someone wants to have extra copies of the Proceedings, they will be sold at their real cost (as determined by the organizers).

Item 9. New Journal in Psychophysics

Thomas Lachmann is working with a team of collaborators on the possibility of developing a new journal in psychophysics that may eventually to be related to the ISP. Members expressed reserve about the effort involved and the likely difficulties, but nevertheless encouraged Thomas to develop a more precise proposal. The possibility of having an electronic journal was also raised.

Item 10. Citation index

Ana Garriga-Trillo mentioned that the citation index issued raised last year (of (a) having Fechner Day Proceedings included in the Science Citation Index and (b) of having an ISBN number allocated to the Proceedings) had been postponed to the 2002 business meeting. However, it was manifestly too late to open it this year and the meeting was closed.

Minutes 2003

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Jan 252007

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the ISP

Larnaca, Cyprus, October 19-23. 2003. Submitted by Wolfgang Ellermeier.

Item1. Minutes

Minutes of the Rio, Fechner Day 2002, meeting: Minutes, as corrected, were approved.

Item 2. Report by Elton Matsushima on the Rio meeting

A report on the meeting was given.

Item 3. Treasurers report

(Galina Paramei): There is still a need to consolidate the society’s finances. Currently the funds are distributed as follows:

• 450.- US$ were collected in membership fee this year to the U.S. account

• ca. 7000.- US$ are still believed to be in this account (with Debra Zellner, Montclair) from former fund raising.

• 1100.- EURO are with Claude Bonnet in Strasbourg, France

• Birgitta Berglund expects the current meeting to break even

A board of trustees was suggested to secure long-term fund raising. The motion that the executive committee shall explore the option of establishing such a board was unanimously approved by the membership.

Item 4. Students travel stipends

Guidelines for awarding travel stipends to students were proposed. It was stated that a minimum of 4 stipends shall be awarded each year, with a minimum of 300 US$ going to local, and 600 US$ to each of the overseas candidates. Criteria (presentation of a talk or poster, closeness to a Ph.D., and service to the ISP) and procedure (submit an application letter, CV, and request a recommendation) are specified in a separate document that Wolfgang Ellermeier will draft.

Item 5. Election of new executive committee members

Two nominations had been made to fill the positions of Simon Grondin, andWolfgang Ellermeier, who had served their terms. The two nominees, Lucia Regolin from Padova, Italy, and Mark Elliott from Munich, Germany, were elected by the membership with one abstention, and 51 in favour.

Item 6. Anniversaries

Preparations are already being made for the society’s 20th (2005) and 25th (2010) anniversaries. An address by the society’s historian, Helen Ross, is planned for the 20th anniversary. Furthermore, a CD-ROM with all proceedings from past meetings will be compiled.

Item 7. Proceedings

It was unanimously voted that future proceedings always be produced as a paper proceedings volume. There may be an additional CDROM, but a paper version is mandatory.

Item 8. Future conferences

The 2004 meeting will be held Oct. 19-21 in Coimbra, Portugal, and will be organized by Armando de Oliveira. It was unanimously agreed that for the 2005 meeting Doug Vicker’s invitation to Australia should be accepted. The meeting is going to be held in or near Adelaide, and the membership will be polled via e-mail regarding their preference for an August, or October meeting. A site for the 2006 meeting has not been determined yet, but there are offers from Japan, and the U.S.

Minutes 2004

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Jan 252007

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the ISP

Coimbra, Portugal, October 19-21. 2004. Submitted by Lucia Regolin.

Item1. Minutes

Minutes of the Larnaca, Cyprus, Fechner Day 2003, submitted by Wolfgang Ellermeier meeting: Minutes, as corrected, were unanimously approved..

Item 2. Report by Mark Elliott on the society web site

The Society website was presented and people who contributed to it acknowledged. The website, housed both at Laval, Canada and in Leipzig, Germany, costs about 30 US dollars per year. The suggestion to have a pdf of all proceeding online would be very welcome except for the impossibility of handling such a huge file. Providing information about members’ labs in order to set up a direct link is encouraged. Members are also encouraged to provide any information about previous meetings which are currently missing from the website.

Item 3. Treasurers report

(Galina Paramei):

About 7000 US$ were leftover from previous meetings =

5500.- US$ are still believed to be in this account (with Debra Zellner, Montclair) from former fund raising.

1163.- EURO are with Claude Bonnet in Strasbourg, France

200. – EURO are leftover from the Meeting in Brazil

430 Cyprus pounds are leftover from the 2003 meeting (Birgitta Berglund)

Donations amiunted to 165+105 euros, and this is obviously not enough. Donations are stongly encouraged.

An important issue concerns the difficulty in handling such a sparse budget, spread in several bank accounts and only accessible by different people. The need of opening a new bank account as a no profit society and to get rid of all of the other accounts is put forward.

A main issue arises about how should non-attendants pay for their registration to the Society.

Another main issue concerns the fact that the Society registration has expired, and that it has been impossible to register the Society in Marseille because in order to do so all the documentation should be translated into French.

Item 4. Students travel stipends

Four students received a stipend.

Item 5. Election of new executive committee members

After examining the list of candidates the President explains that only two nominations were confirmed by the candidates themselves: Galina Paramei for reconfirming her past position of treasurer and Lawrence Ward to replace Steve Link who retires the presidency this year. The two nominees were elected unanimously.

Item 6. Future meetings

The 2005 meeting, as resulted from the ballot For the 2006 meeting the cconducted in 2004, is to be held in Adelaide, Australia. Candidate venues for the 2006 meeting are 1) Indiana, 2) Tokyo and 3) England. The membership will be polled via e-mail in due time regarding their preference between these three possible venues.