May 292022

Fechner Day 2022 — 38th Annual meeting of the international society for psychophysics.

Dear friends and colleagues: 

Authors are invited to submit papers and to propose theme sessions on topics relevant to the ISP. 

Send your submission by email to <>. 

A submission must at least contain: 

     Author(s)’ name(s) and affiliation(s) 
     Preference for oral or poster presentation 

Also, encourage your students to come to the conference and present their work. The ISP meetings are well known for their friendly spirit and stimulating atmosphere, so this is a great opportunity for students to enter the field and test their abilities. 

Please note that early registration ends on the 4th of May. Register early and benefit from lower conference fees. 

As for other information (accommodation, registration options, special events etc.) please visit the conference website

Also, encourage your students to come to the conference and present their work. The ISP meetings are well known for their friendly spirit and stimulating atmosphere, so this is a great opportunity for students to enter the field and test their abilities. 

If you have students who would like to attend, they may apply for travel grants. The student should submit a CV, a brief summary of his/her presentation (an abstract up to 150 words for a free talk or a poster submission can be reused), and the amount requested. You (the sponsor) should write a brief supporting message.  The application should be submitted to the International Society for Psychophysics (ueda [at] by Thursday, 30 June 2022, 17:00 (CET). 

Potential stipends are limited to those who are presenting; please be sure to submit both a stipend application to the Society and an abstract of a free talk or a poster to the organizers. The policy of selection is that undergraduate students are given first preference, then graduate students can be considered depending on the budget left. Typically, post docs are not eligible. The size of stipends has been $400 for same continent applicants and $800 for those from different continents. 

universitetshuset i vårsol

On behalf of the program & organization committee: 
Geoff Patching

Fechner Day 2021

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Jul 092021

The International Society for Psychophysics held its annual meeting on October 19-23, 2021 online.

Further information, please visit the Fechner Day 2021 website:


Fechner Day 2021 Organizing Committee

Fechner Day 2019

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Mar 142019

2019 30th October –2nd November 2019

The 35th annual meeting of the International Society for Psychophysics took place in Antalya, Turkey. The meeting was held at the Faculty of Letters, Akdeniz (the Mediterranean) University, Antalya, Turkey between November 2nd and 6th, and was organised in collaboration with Dr. Evrim Gülbetekin and staff of the Department of Psychology at Akdeniz Üniversitesi.

Conference Organizers

Mark A. Elliott (National University of Ireland Galway ) and

Evrim Gülbetekin  (Akdeniz Üniversitesi) (joint meeting chairs)

Sophia Arndt (National University of Ireland Galway: website management)

Ece Varlık Özsoy (Akdeniz Üniversitesi: registration and accommodation

Naomi du Bois (Ulster University and National University of Ireland Galway: editorial assistance

Seda Bayraktar (Akdeniz Üniversitesi: Turkish registrants

Aydin Civilidag  (Akdeniz Üniversitesi: Middle East registrants

Mahperi Hekimoglu (Akdeniz Üniversitesi)

Başar Demir (Akdeniz Üniversitesi)

Ayca Ozen (Akdeniz Üniversitesi)


General Information, please email us here:

Aug 032017

Robert (Bob) Teghtsoonian was not only a founding member of the International Society for Psychophysics. From the very beginning, his continuous and lively engagement in the progress of the Society was outstanding: No one else had a stronger formative influen

ce on the ISP. It was one of his major concerns to encourage young scientists and to facilitate their integration into the scientific community. Bob never put himself at the center of things. And as everybody experienced his honest interest in people and their ideas, people around him felt secure and indeed were. Bob had the uncanny ability to create an atmosphere for open and unprejudiced exchange of ideas. Whatever the occasion, he always found the right words, the right wine, and the right humor along with his inimitable welcoming smile. We experienced much of this atmosphere at the Fechner Days. I also believe it was largely due to his efforts that the Fechner Days did not degenerate into vanity but remained one of the very few academic meetings which facilitated a personal exchange of thoughts from an equal stance in an accepting atmosphere. We will miss his constant attentiveness and support, his refreshing contributions and scientific impulses.

Text: Fritz Müller

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Fechner Day 2016 Info

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Jan 172016

The following PDF is Irina Skotnikova’s PowerPoint presented at Quebec, in which you may find useful information regarding to Fechner Day 2016 in Moscow.

FD2016 in Moscow