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Minutes of the General Meeting of the ISP

at Fechner Day 2006, St. Albans, Herfordshire, U.K. July 27, 2006.

1.  Minutes of Fechner Day 2005

The minutes of the previous meeting (FD2005) were approved,

2. Treasurer’s report

Galina Paramei The treasurer made a report as to the current funds and previous expenditures (for students etc.).

Treasurer’s report provided as a separate (see appendix below) document.

3. Presentation and vote on website upgrade

The statement by the chair, Lawrence Ward, on the recommendation of the Executive Committee (April 25, 2006) for the upgrading of the ISP website was approved in principle.

4. Presentation and vote on funding options for (3) if approved

Discussion ensued on the manner of implementation of these recommendations.
Consequently, the following motions were moved:

Motion 1. That €3500.00 Euros be allocated for the set up of the  ISP web site and that €1200 be allocared for subsequent yearly maintenance of the ISP web site. Yearly maintenance is for each calendar year

Passed unanimously.

Motion 2. The Executive Committee authorizes Mark Elliott to be in charge of the website and that he approach and work together with the person he designates to set-up and maintain the site.

Passed unanimously.

Motion 3. The proposal defined by Motion 1 should be continued subsequently until the ISP decides that another proposal should be pursued, or the ISP no longer has the funds to support it.

Passed unanimously

It was also suggested that a “quality check” group or subcommittee be formed to assist and monitor the operation of the website. The most likely members of that committee would be the signatories of the original proposal contained in the Appendix of the April 25, 2006 recommendation. The signatories were: Danny Algom, Yoav Arieh, Mark Elliott, Larry Marks, Scott Parker, Helen Ross, Bert Scharf, Mimi Teghtsoonian, and Bob Teghtsoonian.

Motion 4. The annual ISP membership dues are not for covering the costs of production and printing of the proceedings of the annual meeting. These are the responsibility of the host organizers.

1 opposed, 2 abstentions, and passed by majority.

Motion 5. The annual dues shall remain at $50.00 USD. Dues are to be paid by January 1st and are to be paid to the treasurer (or to Lawrence Ward) and not to the conference organizer. As suggested by Lorraine Allen members are to be reminded by e-mail, early in October that dues are to be paid by Janurary 1st.

1 opposed, passed by majority.

It was also stipulated that membership in ISP is required for access to the Website Proceedings and discussion forums. Mark Elliott had earlier suggested that the proceedings become accessible for ISP members through the Website.

5. Students travel stipends and conference support

The following were supported by the ISP, or by the conference itself, to attend Fechner Day 2006:
Vagner Custódio
Claudia Wilimzig
Vlad Zotov
Suncica Zdravkovic

The following student was supported by the Maths, Stats and Computing Section fo the British Psychological Society
Louise Shanagher

6. Election of new executive committee members

Executive Committee. Diana Kornbrot and Bill Petrusic were elected as new members of the Executive Committee.

7. Future Meetings

Fechner Day 2007, Tokyo, Japan. (Shuji Mori).
Fechner Day 2008, Toronto, Ontario. (Bruce Schneider).

Mark Elliott most kindly offered to organize and host the 2009 Fechner Day meetings in Galway, Ireland.

8. Other Business


Minute Takers:


Galina Paramei and Bill Petrusic


Appendix: Treasurer’s report

by Galina Paramei, ISP Treasurer

 1. ISP account (currently):

  • US$ 9,698.52 in the US account
  • CAD $3.43 in the Vancouver account

 2. Total amount spent on subsidizing travel grants

(four persons; June 2006):

  • US$ 2,900
  • the actual amount spent: US$ 2,800
  • the transfer fee  and US$  GPS exchange: US$ 100

 3. Interest: ca. US$ 200

4. The following were supported by the ISP, or by the conference itself, to attend Fechner Day 2006:

  • Vagner Custódio:         £450
  • Suncica Zdravkovic:     £450
    (The travel grant £450 includes: £65 conference fee; £15 ISP fee;  the remaining £370 available in Travellers Cheques)
  • Claudia Wilimzig:       £300
  • Vlad Zotov:              £300
    (The travel grant includes £65 conference fee; £15 ISP fee; the remaining £220 available in Travellers Cheques)


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