Jan 252007

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the ISP

Coimbra, Portugal, October 19-21. 2004. Submitted by Lucia Regolin.

Item1. Minutes

Minutes of the Larnaca, Cyprus, Fechner Day 2003, submitted by Wolfgang Ellermeier meeting: Minutes, as corrected, were unanimously approved..

Item 2. Report by Mark Elliott on the society web site

The Society website was presented and people who contributed to it acknowledged. The website, housed both at Laval, Canada and in Leipzig, Germany, costs about 30 US dollars per year. The suggestion to have a pdf of all proceeding online would be very welcome except for the impossibility of handling such a huge file. Providing information about members’ labs in order to set up a direct link is encouraged. Members are also encouraged to provide any information about previous meetings which are currently missing from the website.

Item 3. Treasurers report

(Galina Paramei):

About 7000 US$ were leftover from previous meetings =

5500.- US$ are still believed to be in this account (with Debra Zellner, Montclair) from former fund raising.

1163.- EURO are with Claude Bonnet in Strasbourg, France

200. – EURO are leftover from the Meeting in Brazil

430 Cyprus pounds are leftover from the 2003 meeting (Birgitta Berglund)

Donations amiunted to 165+105 euros, and this is obviously not enough. Donations are stongly encouraged.

An important issue concerns the difficulty in handling such a sparse budget, spread in several bank accounts and only accessible by different people. The need of opening a new bank account as a no profit society and to get rid of all of the other accounts is put forward.

A main issue arises about how should non-attendants pay for their registration to the Society.

Another main issue concerns the fact that the Society registration has expired, and that it has been impossible to register the Society in Marseille because in order to do so all the documentation should be translated into French.

Item 4. Students travel stipends

Four students received a stipend.

Item 5. Election of new executive committee members

After examining the list of candidates the President explains that only two nominations were confirmed by the candidates themselves: Galina Paramei for reconfirming her past position of treasurer and Lawrence Ward to replace Steve Link who retires the presidency this year. The two nominees were elected unanimously.

Item 6. Future meetings

The 2005 meeting, as resulted from the ballot For the 2006 meeting the cconducted in 2004, is to be held in Adelaide, Australia. Candidate venues for the 2006 meeting are 1) Indiana, 2) Tokyo and 3) England. The membership will be polled via e-mail in due time regarding their preference between these three possible venues.

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