Jan 252007

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the ISP

Larnaca, Cyprus, October 19-23. 2003. Submitted by Wolfgang Ellermeier.

Item1. Minutes

Minutes of the Rio, Fechner Day 2002, meeting: Minutes, as corrected, were approved.

Item 2. Report by Elton Matsushima on the Rio meeting

A report on the meeting was given.

Item 3. Treasurers report

(Galina Paramei): There is still a need to consolidate the society’s finances. Currently the funds are distributed as follows:

• 450.- US$ were collected in membership fee this year to the U.S. account

• ca. 7000.- US$ are still believed to be in this account (with Debra Zellner, Montclair) from former fund raising.

• 1100.- EURO are with Claude Bonnet in Strasbourg, France

• Birgitta Berglund expects the current meeting to break even

A board of trustees was suggested to secure long-term fund raising. The motion that the executive committee shall explore the option of establishing such a board was unanimously approved by the membership.

Item 4. Students travel stipends

Guidelines for awarding travel stipends to students were proposed. It was stated that a minimum of 4 stipends shall be awarded each year, with a minimum of 300 US$ going to local, and 600 US$ to each of the overseas candidates. Criteria (presentation of a talk or poster, closeness to a Ph.D., and service to the ISP) and procedure (submit an application letter, CV, and request a recommendation) are specified in a separate document that Wolfgang Ellermeier will draft.

Item 5. Election of new executive committee members

Two nominations had been made to fill the positions of Simon Grondin, andWolfgang Ellermeier, who had served their terms. The two nominees, Lucia Regolin from Padova, Italy, and Mark Elliott from Munich, Germany, were elected by the membership with one abstention, and 51 in favour.

Item 6. Anniversaries

Preparations are already being made for the society’s 20th (2005) and 25th (2010) anniversaries. An address by the society’s historian, Helen Ross, is planned for the 20th anniversary. Furthermore, a CD-ROM with all proceedings from past meetings will be compiled.

Item 7. Proceedings

It was unanimously voted that future proceedings always be produced as a paper proceedings volume. There may be an additional CDROM, but a paper version is mandatory.

Item 8. Future conferences

The 2004 meeting will be held Oct. 19-21 in Coimbra, Portugal, and will be organized by Armando de Oliveira. It was unanimously agreed that for the 2005 meeting Doug Vicker’s invitation to Australia should be accepted. The meeting is going to be held in or near Adelaide, and the membership will be polled via e-mail regarding their preference for an August, or October meeting. A site for the 2006 meeting has not been determined yet, but there are offers from Japan, and the U.S.

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