Jan 252007

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the ISP

Rio de Janeiro Brazil October 22-26. 2002. Submitted by Douglas Vickers.

Before opening the official business meetig, the ISP president expressed congratulations and appreciation to José Aparecido da Silva and the organizing committee.

Item1. Minutes

The minutes of the 2001 meeting in Leipzig were approved (Proposed : Bill Petrusic; Seconded : Steve Link; Agreed nem con)

Item 2. Finances

A report (Attachment 2) was presented by Lawrence Marks on behalf of the treasurer, Debra Zellner. The possibility that the treasurer would not be a regular member of the executive committee, and would have a longer term, was discussed, but no motion was voted.

Item 3. Elections

Marina Pavlova mentioned that she received no email message this year regarding the nomination of new members on the executive committee. There were three nominations (Galina Paramei, Steve Link and Scott Parker) and two positions to fill. No new nominations were presented at the meeting itself. The voting was: Galina Paramei 19; Steve Link 24; Scott Parker 14. (At a subsequent meeting of the executive committee, it was agreed that Steve Link should be the new president of the ISP and Galina Paramei the new treasurer.)

Item 4. Future meetings

Elisabeth Borg provided information concerning the 2003 meeting to be held in a hotel in Cyprus (Greece) in October. Armando Monica de Oliveira confirmed that he will organize the 2004 meeting on campus at Universidade de Coimbra (Portugal) in October. Doug Vickers confirmed that he still considers preparing the 2005 meeting in Australia; Bruce Schneider mentioned that it might be difficult for most members to make the long trip to Australia in October and proposed to hold the meeting in August. Doug Vickers said that an August meeting would coincide well with the break between semesters at the University of Adelaide. This would also mean that the meeting could make use of university facilities and college lodgings. A more detailed proposal will be presented to the 2003 meeting in Cyprus.

Item 5. ISP Website

The ISP has had problems over the years in developing a Website and maintaining it up to date. Members were asked if they would agree to take the responsibility of the Web page. Simon Grondin and Yves Lacouture offered to take charge of the Website, and to make an effort to update and centralize an electronic mailing list. There will be money offered by the ISP for the development of the page, but the amount remains to be discussed by members of the Executive Committee.

Item 6. Annual Fees and Meeting Registration

It was agreed to send the Annual Fees ($50.) directly to the treasurer. Increasing fees was considered but members agreed that any increase should be in the registration to the meeting. Those paying Annual Fees receive the Proceedings even if they do not attend the meeting. Efforts should be made to remind members more than once a year to pay the Annual Fees. It was agreed that the Meeting Registration costs should be determined by the organizers and paid to them.

Item 7. Inclusion of papers in the Proceedings

Increasing the number of papers in the Proceedings is costly. For this reason, the following motion was passed (proposed by Bruce Schneider and adopted nem con): At the moment of printing the Proceedings, the registration costs and the annual membership fee for the current year must both have been paid. Otherwise, the text of the non-registered member will not be included in the Proceedings.

Item 8. Additional copies of Proceedings

It was agreed that, if someone wants to have extra copies of the Proceedings, they will be sold at their real cost (as determined by the organizers).

Item 9. New Journal in Psychophysics

Thomas Lachmann is working with a team of collaborators on the possibility of developing a new journal in psychophysics that may eventually to be related to the ISP. Members expressed reserve about the effort involved and the likely difficulties, but nevertheless encouraged Thomas to develop a more precise proposal. The possibility of having an electronic journal was also raised.

Item 10. Citation index

Ana Garriga-Trillo mentioned that the citation index issued raised last year (of (a) having Fechner Day Proceedings included in the Science Citation Index and (b) of having an ISBN number allocated to the Proceedings) had been postponed to the 2002 business meeting. However, it was manifestly too late to open it this year and the meeting was closed.

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