Jan 252007

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the ISP

Leipzig Germany October 20-23. 2001. Submitted by Simon Grondin.

Item1. Minutes

The report from the business meeting in 2000 in Strasbourg was unanimously approved.

Item 2. ISP Web Site

Doug Vickers reported that the website has been transferred to Adelaide and would be hosted there for several years.   The intention is to bring it up to date and maintain on it an archive of past decisions of business meetings.  Members are invited to send him suggestions for it by e-mail.
Adelaide will also set up and maintain integrated mailing lists for members to distribute information to each other.

Item 3. Finances

The sudden illness of the treasurer, Debra Zellner, that prevented her attending Fechner Day meant that no report was available, but it is understood that there has been no significant change in the satisfactory state of the society’s finances.  Thomas Lachmann reported that the Leipzig meeting has resulted in a surplus of about $850 US.  The meeting received financial support from the State of Saxony and $455 US donations from 14 members, which resulted in subsidised  registration fees to all participant and full support for the attendance of 15 participants from eastern Europe and 4 students.  Marina Pavlova particularly congratulated the organisers on their outstanding success in finding sponsorship for eastern colleagues.

It was agreed that all non-student participants attending future Fechner Days should pay ISP dues as a condition of registration.

It was agreed that students should be eligible for full membership of the ISP for a much reduced fee, the details to be considered by the Executive Committee.

It was agreed that next year’s dues should remain the same as this year ($50 US).

It was agreed that efforts should be made to have the ISP finances integrated into a single, permanent bank account that would be separate from the account used by the organisers of a meeting and would be operated by whichever members of each Executive Committee were given charge of it from time to time.

Item 4. Elections to the Executive Committee

Gert Haubensak and Sandy MacRae had completed their two-year terms on the committee. Wolfgang Ellermeier (Germany) and Simon Grondin (Canada) were the only nominees and were elected by acclamation.  José Aparecido da Silva, as organiser of Fechner Day 2002, will also serve on the committee.

Item 5. Future Meetings

José Aparecido da Silva outlined plans for the 2002 meeting in Rio de Janeiro, where a temperature around 26?C can be expected in October.

Birgitta Berglund has agreed to organise the 2003 meeting in Cyprus, but she was not present and no further details are yet available.

Lawrence Ward is willing to organise the 2004 meeting in Vancouver but is not especially anxious to do so.  He noted that although Vancouver is seen as an attractive location it can also be considered remote and there were only 50 registrations for the previous Fechner Day there.

There is a possibility that Armando de Oliveira may be able to organise the 2004 meeting in Coimbra (Portugal) and it was agreed to make that the first choice if it is possible, with Vancouver remaining an option if it is not.

Douglas Vickers is willing to arrange a meeting in Australia, but not later than 2005, and Mary Florentine said that a meeting in Boston is a possibility for the future but not for the near future.

A plea by Claude Bonnet that meetings should always include a session on Applied Psychophysics was agreed, though it was recognised that the details of each meeting are the responsibility of the organiser.

Item 6. Proceedings

At the suggestion of Raul Kompass, it was agreed to ask the Executive Committee to report to the next Business Meeting on the implications of (a) having Fechner Day Proceedings included in the Science Citation Index and (b) of having an ISBN number allocated to the Proceedings.

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