Jan 252007

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the ISP

Tempe AZ USA October 21-24. 1999.

Item 1 Approval of the minutes from 1998 .

The business report from the previous ISP meeting in 1998 was unanimously accepted.

Item 2. Report from Fechner Day 99

This year Fechner Day was held in Tempe, AZ and was organized by Peter Killeen and William Uttal. The conference had 83 registered participants (72 paying full fees). With a total budget of just under $20,000, the conference appears to be running a slight surplus at the time of this report.

Item 3. Treasurer’s Report

The current financial status of the Society is as follows:

1000 USD in Boston with Bert Scharf

6240.70 CAD in Vancouver with Lawrence Ward

358.22 USD in Tempe with Peter Killeen (conference surplus).

2800 USD in Tempe with Peter Killeen (ISP dues paid during 1999)

Item 4. Future Meetings


Fechner Day 2000 will be held in Strasbourg, France, Aug. 31st through Sept. 5th under the organization of Claude Bonnet.

Fechner Day 2001 will be held in coordination with the local Fechner Society and the German Society of Psychology (Division of History and Method) in Leipzig, commemorating the 200th anniversary of Fechner’s birth. Dates for the meeting (including both the ISP meeting and the Fechner Society’s program) are set for Oct. 20th through the 24th, 2001.

Rio was nominated as the site of Fechner Day 2002; this motion was accepted popular vote.

Several sites were discussed for Fechner Day 2003 including Boston, Russia, and Cyprus. An informal, non-binding poll of the business meeting attendees showed a preference for Cyprus. Birgitta Berglund (Sweden) has been given the responsibility of making a formal proposal.

Item 5. Financial Support

Marina Pavlova, Greg Neely and Bert Scharf have been given the assignment to continue the Society’s efforts to find funding for East European participants to the Fechner Day meetings.

Item 6. Election of Executive Committee

Greg Neely and Marina Pavlova have, with this meeting, completed their two-year mandates on the executive committee. Gert Haubensak (Germany) and Alexander MacRae (England) who were elected by popular vote will replace them. As per the Society’s by-laws, Claude Bonnet will also serve in the Executive Committee as the organizer of the next Fechner Day. The EC Chairperson thanked Greg and Marina for there service on behalf of the ISP.
Additional business and close
There being no other business for us to consider, the meeting was closed.

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