Fechner Day 2021

The International Society for Psychophysics held its annual meeting on October 19-23, 2021 online. Further information, please visit the Fechner Day 2021 website: http://fechnerday.com/fd2021/ Cheers, Fechner Day 2021 Organizing Committee

Fechner Day 2019

Fechner Day 2019

2019 30th October –2nd November 2019 The 35th annual meeting of the International Society for Psychophysics took place in Antalya, Turkey. The meeting was held at the Faculty of Letters, Akdeniz (the Mediterranean) […]

Fechner Day 2018

Fechner Day 2018

The 34th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Psychophysics took place from 20th – 24th August 2018 in Lüneburg, Germany. For details of the meeting please visit the official […]



  • Minutes 2016

    Minutes of the Business meeting of the ISP (August 18, 2016) Moscow, Russia Because the […]

  • Executive Committee

    Society President Prof. Kazuo UedaDepartment of Human Science,Kyushu Universityemail: ueda@design.kyushu-u.ac.jp Society Vice President Prof. Leah […]

  • Minutes 2015

    Minutes of the ISP Business Meeting (Fechner Day 2015) Two members of the Executive Committee […]