Fechner Day 2016, Moscow, Russia (15th-20th August)

Fechner Day 2016 – the 32nd Annual Meeting of the International Society  for Psychophysics   First announcement and call for papers Dear friends and colleagues, Happy New Year and invitation to […]

Foundation of the society in Marseille, 1985

Foundation of the society in Marseille, 1985

The first document of Fechner Day 1985, provided by Simon Grondin.

Letter to ISP

Letter to ISP

The Membership; ISP: As the oldest member (I conjecture), and least likely to be refused a hearing if only because of age, I tender the following suggestions to the ISP […]



  • Minutes 2016

    Minutes of the Business meeting of the ISP (August 18, 2016) Moscow, Russia Because the […]

  • Executive Committee

    Society President Dr. John Monahan Psychology Department Central Michigan University Mount Pleasant, USA e-mail: monah1js@cmich.edu Society […]

  • Minutes 2015

    Minutes of the ISP Business Meeting (Fechner Day 2015) Two members of the Executive Committee […]